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All Florida Investigations & Forensic Services, Inc. (AFI), a Florida based Private Investigation Company that has more than 50 years of investigative experience. John Gaspar, President of AFI, directly supervises his staff of state licensed investigators to support all your investigative needs. We specialize in investigative services for attorneys/paralegals, individuals, insurance companies & corporate executives and their families.

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured Private Investigators.


Information is Power

First of all, AFI understand what your going through.  We understand your concerns, frustrations and pains.  With more than 50 years of advanced security and investigative experience, we have dealt with virtually every investigative scenario and therefore we have the compassion and tenacity to do the job right.  Whether it is personal or business related, AFI listens to your needs.  

AFI private investigators use the most up to date Commercial Data Base Search Systems to legally gathering information on persons – places – property. This information combined with physical Surveillance and Investigative Interviewing allows our client to make their case and insurance companies to justify their claims. AFI will discreetly gather objective data and give you all the facts in a professional report format. AFI supports your case with a complete surveillance dossier (digital and video applications), accurate written content supported by legally collected evidence, and all other information you require to make your case a success.

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